By: Kiah Burke

Rapper Tyga in one of his music videos

Lil Wayne, Ludicris, Tyga all of these people have a few things in common. First off, they are all rap music producers/singers. Secondly, they all use harsh degrading language in their music. They all have top hits in the music industry, and they all are considered “role models” for your children. Even if you have never heard of these three rap artists, your teenager probably has, and this is something that may concern you as a parent.

In his hit song “Love Me,” Lil Wayne describes his idea of the perfect women that he likes to spend his time with like so:

“And these hoes love me like Satan…
F-ck with me and get bodied. And all she eat is dick.
She on a strict diet. That’s my baby
With no makeup she a ten.
And she the best with head…”

A scene from Lil Wayne’s music video “Love Me”

Yes he is referring to his penis if you are questioning it and also by the word head he means the act of oral sex. Now my reason for sharing this small bit of lyrics with you is because it involves examples of both genders. If I were to get any information out of this section of lyrics it’s this: Boys, you should treat women like sex objects. They are to worship you and give you what you need to be pleasured. Girls, you should be worried about giving your man what he needs weather its sexual acts or fulfilling his fantasies. It isn’t exactly what I would want my children listening to at the age when they start dating and experimenting with sexuality.

This music is harmful to all listeners. It is degrading to women and the disrespect is unforgiveable. In this type of music women are viewed as objects. They usually refer to them as “Bitches,” “hoes,” and other degrading terms. They are put into sexual positions in the backgrounds of the videos and sometimes are even considered the main attraction by putting them in cages for men to look at. The rap singers usually pour alcohol on their nearly naked bodies and take advantage of them in sexual ways in these music videos. What kind of idea are young girls getting about their sexuality? That they should be submissive to men and let them do as the please? That it should be okay for men to call them horrible names that degrade their gender? Young girls should not be consuming any of this.

Males see it in a different way. They look at these rappers like Lil Wayne and Tyga and think, “Wow, I want to look like them” Or “Wow, they know how to get women.” When in all reality this is not how they want to look/act or how they should consider dating women. First of all, not many women are going to hang around naked waiting for a guy with baggy clothes and gold plated teeth to dance on and to call them “Bitch” every time they need something.  This is a false reality. Also, these videos give men the idea that women are always horny and ready for sex. This false idea that women are just craving to give oral sex constantly to every man they see is just not common. We do not want teenage boys thinking this is the correct way to treat other human beings.

I’m guessing your next question will probably be: What should I do if my teenager enjoys this type of music?

My answer to this would be let your teenagers express themselves via music. It is important for your children to have hobbies and things that they are connected with, and truthfully they are probably more interested in the music rather than the content. So here is my solution… there are so many rap artists out there that use their music talent in good ways. Those artists do not use harmful language or degrade anyone and still produce beautiful rap music. Some are Christian rappers such as: Lecrea, Flame, and Bizzle. Some are just more respectful like Lupe Fiasco, Common, Mos Def, and Talib Kwali. Some celebrities even have old albums that aren’t considered vulgar like Will Smith or Queen Latifah. A popular artist that your child has probably even heard of would be Macklemore. Have a talk with your teenager and see what kind of music he or she is listening to. If you look up some of the artists that he or she is listening to and it is making you feel uncomfortable mention some of the artists I have named to get your child interesting in their music. It is important to know what kind of music your child is listening to because it could possibly be harming them in ways you or I may not understand.